As a team, we’ve always been more like a close family member with making a special bond between our clients better than colleagues or any agent, bound by our passion for travel and a professional work ethic. We pride ourselves on having the most passionate& enthusiasm people in the industry, committed to making the excitement of travel available to anyone who seeks it for their life time plan for the holidays.

Every days or so we all get together and take few minutes for few more things to share ideas, knowledge and jointly set our competency for the year aheadfor the business grow up and daily procedure. And our team have spent almost decades in the tourism industry, and our knowledge of the most inspiring places is unrivaled. We are experienced, opinionated, and discerning, and we believe that travel is one of life’s ultimate joys—it never fails to thrill us, expand our perspectives, or fill us with wonder and gratitude. We love exploring the world and same does you people love, and we know it intimately.

Meet Your Local Team leaders

Our leaders are not only just travel experts; they’re your teacher, travel gurus and enthusiastic local purveyor of complete experiences. So our main motto is to provide the local experiences with the locals – and all with a smile & charms.

Why travel with a local leader?

  • You can really get to know the locals identity & resources,
  • Learn what it means to be a local in every aspect of journey,
  • Discover the hidden treasures and highlights of the destinations


Moving towards equality

At Highway to Himalayas, we know that our greatest strength lies in our diversity & culture with our team effort. This is why we strive to promote equality and inclusiveness at every level of our business – whether its staff is treading the boards at Corporate bases Office’s or a tour leader leading a group through the back streets of Kathmandu or Bangkok or hiking a attitudinal trekking trails in Everest or Annapurna. Therefore, we would like provide the equal opportunity to the male and female in our team member. So our main motive and goals is to increase the number of female leader’s in Nepal and our pan base countries by coming years. Though, it’s an exciting and tough challenge spanning many countries and cultures, but it’s all part of our ongoing effort to promote gender equality and women's independence in the country like Nepal – the heart of Himalayas by got inspiring from foreign travel culture.

Our Core Team

Ram Kumar Phuyal
Promoter / Founder

Ram Kumar has an experience in Travel and Tourism Industry for a several years...

Sam Kr Phuyal
Travel Consultant

A very young enthusiastic and energetic person, completed a degree in...

Surendra Koirala
Financial Advisory

Mr. Koirala is Charter Accountant by the profession. He has been into our company...

Saroj Phuyal
Financial Officer

Saroj assists in all our accounting activities of the company. Currently, pursuing the Master’s...

Sanjeeb Phuyal
Website & IT Officer

Resident of Kathmandu, Sanjeeb is a dedicated and effective IT co-worker...

Rajani Pandey
Front Desk Officer

By the designation, she is customer service officer who take care of every customer...

Our Guide

Lakpa Sherpa
Trekking Guide

He has an experience in Trekking Industry for a several years...

Pasang Sherpa
Trekking Guide

He has more than 10 years of multidisciplinary experience in Trekking...


Alica Becker
USA Representative

She has an experience in Travel and Tourism Industry for a several years...

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