If you need to contact us for any questions you may have regarding the Highway to Himalayas, or perhaps you have some curiosity about Nepal Tour & Trekking or want to book with us, you are welcome to message us with your questions, suggestions, and requests.

We’d love to help our customer with ideas for your next holiday, or if you have some destinations or activities in mind, to help you to pick the most suitable trekking operator in Nepal and around the globe.

Where Are We Based?

Highway to Himalayas Pvt. Ltd, 
Balaju, Ring Road – 16, Kathmandu, 44600, Nepal

Sales Office: Lazimpat Road – 03, Kathmandu, Nepal

We also have representatives / support team based in USA & Europe.

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You can send us an email directly to for any queries.

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You can call us directly at +977-9841610272. Call us anytime - we are available via phone 24/7.

If you need information, recommendations or simply to chat about our tours program and services, our travel consultants are standing by

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