Ram Phuyal

Promoter / Founder

Dear Travelers,

Welcome to Highway to Himalayas – “Mix of Culture” and “a World of Himalayas”! As we approach here at Highway to Himalayas I’m proud to say we are entering into a new & exciting adventure way of traveling for those who loves adventure & trekking. It’s not only a name we create, it’s a brand we will be making for over the years through budget-style to high-end class.

So, it's a great pleasure to welcome you to Himalaya country ‘Nepal’ on behalf of Highway to Himalayas, by H2H as a trustworthy company for reliable & eco-friendly trekking and adventure activities. Built as a result of an ancient history, vibrant cultures and scenic grandeur with fantastic blend Himalayas, located between China and India. Nepal is still one of the few countries in the world where you can escape from the materialistic excess of western consumerism and yet where tourist’s amenities are sufficiently developed for your stay to be comfortable. Nepal is one of the most colorful and vibrant tourist destinations in the world. The rich culture and tradition of its diverse ethnic groups, its centuries-old monuments, and shrines and a society in transition to the 21st century, present it with a unique charm, vivacity, and other Wilderness.

Our innovative trekking, tour, and adventure activities are designed to meet the expectations and interests of a wide variety of travelers visiting this part of the world. As we know we are still a small company, a family-like business that prides itself on having the most impassioned people in the field, our commitment, dedicated and efficient teams of tour leaders to make the travel excitement to anyone who seeks and ensure the safety & enjoyment. We strive to protect the interest of outbound travelers and the inbound visitors and enhance the reputation of Nepal as a tourist-friendly country with authentic travel experiences during the journey.

So, here on our website, you'll find extensive information not only about us but also about the abundance of Nepal’s, India, Tibet and Bhutan year-round leisure activities, such as miles of pristine mountain’s, beaches, and the world famous UNESCO Heritage sites. We look forward to making your travel both comfortable and memorable by providing personalized service exceeding the quality of our facilities.

We hope you will find our website informative & useful and helps to release the adventurer life in everyone who through it. Any suggestion you might have on how we could improve our services are most welcome and we are always ready to answer your query.

And, Yes, for us at Highway to Himalayas, change boosts, energizes, innovative are our agility to manage your travel needs and requirements through dreams and beyond!!

I look forward to welcome you all in Nepal for pleasant journey as our guest.


Highway to Himalayas Pvt. Ltd
...the journey continues and is wonderful


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