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Pokhara Tour
6 Nights / 7 Days
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How can I pay for my tour?

Highway to Himalayas accepts payment via credit card including Visa, Mastercard, Amex (American Express), and Paypal or any tour person can transfer the amount into our Bank account directly by Wire Transfer or Telegraphic Wire Transfer once our tour consultant provide you the proper banking details. Your credit card details are entered on this Book Now page and can be updated/changed from your Highway to Himalayas account after your booking is completed.

How does H2H charge me?

Once you have placed your deposit/full payment for your booking request, Highway to Himalayas pre-authorizes the amount from your credit card. Only once the tour operator has confirmed your place on the tour will your card be charged. If your request is declined the funds are returned to your card.

What happens if my booking is not confirmed on the tour?

If your booking request is declined by the tour operator the funds which are pre-authorized for payment are returned to your credit card and no charges are made as per our Booking Terms & Conditions. Please note, depending on your bank or credit card issuer it can take anywhere between 1 week and more business days for the funds to become available again on your card.

How will my final payment be taken?

After paying your deposit, the final due balance of payment will be charged to you, once you reached to destination at departure first day or at Highway to Himalayas Located Sales office which can pay by either Credit Card or by Cash on the due date. This payment is usually charged at the first day or last day to your tour date. This varies depending on the tour you book so please check the Terms & Conditions.

Can I make payment by instalments?

Whilst Highway to Himalayas cannot accept payments by instalments, we can suggest that you pay each instalment into your credit card because this is where the balance of payment will be charged to.

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